Lloyd's of Avalon

Whether you live on Catalina Island or are just visiting, you simply cannot miss a trip to Lloy'd of Avalon. The sweet shop and ice cream store is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth! Just stroll by the store and you'll be stopped in your tracks by the fun and festive front window display that will tempt you in with an entire array of confections and sweets.


Some of the things you can find at Lloyd's include pastries, donuts, house made fudge, candies, ice cream, candy apples, chocolates, salt water taffy, Belgian waffles, dipped strawberries, coffees and more! 

Lloyd’s of Avalon Confectionery has been making its world renowned salt water taffy, fantastic caramel apples, perfect peanut brittle, creamy fudge and scrumptious chocolates in the window on Crescent Avenue in Avalon, Catalina Island since 1934. All confections are hand made from Lloyd's own recipes using the purest and best ingredients available. Shopping for a gift? There's no place better than Lloyd's. All of the candies are attractively packaged. From the salt water taffy and chocolate assortments that come in a gift box to the caramel apples, peanut brittle and fudge that are enclosed within golden wrapping, all gifts exude a touch of class.

Lloyd's of Avalon is located at 315 Crescent Ave., Avalon. Visit www.catalinacandy.com or call (310) 510-7266 for more information. Photos courtesy of the Lloyd's of Avalon Facebook page.