Giving Thanks


Those of you who have read my columns, know I’m not that sappy but I do confess to having a sensitive bone in my body.


This Thanksgiving was amazing. Now, forget the fact that out of 10 people, there were two HRC supporters. Yes. My wife and I. But, for the most part, it was a very hopeful event.


There were four millennials (including my two nephews) who talked about what opportunities may lie ahead, what they wanted to achieve when they graduate next year and what would they do with student debt.


We set aside a room, like they suggested on the ‘Today Show’ for political discussion but surprisingly, or maybe not so much, the table chat was about getting to know each other, tell the usual embarrassing jokes and keep it more than just civil-make it warm and fuzzy.


It reminded me of those Christmas cease-fires we’ve read about over the past century, when warring factions laid down their arms and, for the most part, it was silent for 24 hours, until war-mongering governments ordered the fight to resume.


I believe that if you put a 5 year old Israeli in a sandbox with a 5 year old Palestinian, they don’t know they are supposed to hate each other. Substitute any race, culture, faith and the same holds true.


It’s us adults who teach the hate. It’s not born. Now, I may have been lucky to spend the holiday with a family with opposing views but I also think I’m more the norm.


There are many things that keep me from drinking the Kool-Aid or singing ‘Cumbaya’ but once people stop talking, they start hating and then no one wins.


I know how idealistic I may sound and my East Coast friends may accuse me of selling out. No..I want a country united and it does not mean I will not fight at every turn if I feel an action, law, policy or decision is wrong. What gives me the strength to be an activist is what, for whatever reason, those on the opposite felt they had to speak out.


Here’s the bottom line. Oscar Wilde said: “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”


But Jim Butcher said: “There’s nothing that makes you more insane than family. Or more happy. Or more exasperated. Or more… secure.”


I had a very loving insane Thanksgiving and I am blessed. They’re the only ones who will show up at my funeral.