I was looking around our in store boutique at Azfinetime.com, and I found myself staring in amazement at the Grand Seiko display. One watch caught my attention in a way that I had never noticed it before. I found myself drawn to the Grand Seiko Model # SBGA011, also know as the “Snowflake”.

It’s a curious nickname. Why would they call this watch a “snowflake”? The answer is quite simple really. It has a uniquely textured snow-white dial that is as unique as a snowflake. No two are exactly the same. Each has it’s own pattern and texture thanks to the 12 step, hand lacquered dial.

The concept for the model was devised one day by an engineer staring out of his office window at a fresh snowdrift that was accumulating in the small Japanese town of Suwa. The snow in this area is light and fluffy because of low humidity. These spectacular dials perfectly mimic a fresh, light, and powdery snowfall.

Another detail that caught my eye was the fine, hand polished, mirror finish of the index markers and hands. They easily reflect any light source and amplify it, just as the moonlight reflects off the fresh snow.

Combine these two dynamite details into a traditionally sized, polished high-intensity titanium case with matching bracelet, and you have one of the most beautiful watches you will ever see. It is simple and elegant.