Aging Room Quattro Review

Last year, Oliveros launched a new line of cigars called Swag, a Domincan puro that was a big departure from what folks assumed a Domincan cigar was. Fuller bodied, fuller flavored, as they stated, this was not your grandpa’s Domincan cigar. Fast forward several months and Swag introduced a cigar called Aging Room, a blend using the same tobacco but aged longer then the standard Swag. Fast forward to 2012 and now we have the new Aging Room Quattro, a box press cigar made in 5 sizes using an Indonesian wrapper. This is a limited run product due to the availability of the wrapper leaf which was found in Europe at a cigar factory that had gone out of business. Rafael Nodal, owner of the brand, says the wrapper leaf has some nice age to it, being from 2003, and that production should be somewhere around 400,000 cigars total. With the hot streak Swag and Aging Room have been on, this new Aging Room Quattro comes in with high expectations. They make this cigar in 5 sizes, with the 5 x 50 Espressivo being the subject of today’s review.

Size: Espressivo 5 x 50

Wrapper: Indonesian

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Medium

Flavor: Full

Cost: $8.25/stick or $148.50/box of 20


Appearance: The wrapper on the Aging Room Quattro is a nice medium brown with just a couple of minor veins running down the length. The triple cap was applied beautifully and the seams aren’t visible. The wrapper has a leathery like feel and is slightly mottled as well. The band is brown, tan and white with gold trim and the brown colors on the band almost blend in with the wrapper.

Pre-light Aroma: The wrapper of this cigar doesn’t have a lot of scent coming from it, a slight floral sweetness is about all. With the age on the wrapper I am not necessarily surprised at the wrapper not having a heavy scent being how old it is, but I did expect a little more. The foot does help make up for it, smelling of nutmeg, a floral sweetness, and dark tobacco. The dry draw is flawless, not too tight and not too loose, with a slight earthy muskiness coming through and the box press 50 ring gauge very comfortable in the mouth.

Once the Aging Room Quattro was lit, the smoke comes pouring through and coats my tongue with a wonderful sweet earth flavor. The draw is wonderful, producing thick clouds of pearl white smoke. Once past the first few draws, the nutmeg spice comes into play and pairs nicely with the sweetness from the earth. There is also a nice tangy like flavor that lingers on the palate for just a short time after each puff. The smoke is very smooth, no harshness to be found and the body is right at medium so far. The ash held on for around ¾ of an inch before it dropped off by itself as I set it in the ashtray. The burn line has been even up to this point without any touch-ups or relights.

The 2nd third brings the tangy flavor to the forefront, almost citrus tangy which is something I haven’t tasted in a long time in a cigar. It is a great change of pace flavor wise and pairs nicely with the other flavors on this Aging Room Quattro. The spice and earthiness are still around but in more of a background role now. The retrohale is spicier then what you get on the palate, so approach with caution. The burn line has stayed consistent and the cigar has stayed firm up to this point. Great construction is evident for the Aging Room Quattro.

The end of the cigar sees a nice transition to an earthy flavor at the forefront. It makes for a nice end to this Aging Room Quattro as the flavor change throughout keep you interested. The construction was perfect from start to finish and the burn line stayed consistent all the way down. I would say this is a solid medium bodied cigar and the smoking time came in at 1 hour 18 minutes.


Cigar King Staff Quotes:

- Paul “A nice medium bodied stick that shows its age well. Smooth to the nub.”

- Kole “The flavors are a great combo that keep you wanting more.”

- Gary “A great size for this stick. The flavors come at you but don’t overdo it.”

- AG “Great flavor, great draw, and smoked very smooth.  I really liked this one.”